Looking to rent a caravan in Sydney?  Why not hire a campervan instead!

If you are planning a getaway in Australia and you are thinking of caravan rental by the beach or in a national park then maybe you should consider the option to hire a campervan from Autosleepers in Sydney.

We think camper hire offers a huge range of additional benefits over caravan rental. Firstly, when you rent a caravan you will most likely be tied to the one spot or caravan park. When you hire one of our campervans you are free to go where you like, simply pick it up at our Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane depot and you can head wherever you like. Also, if you don't like the idea of heading back there is always the option of taking a one way rental. You could pick a camper up in Sydney and then head to Cairns or Perth or alternatively fly to Perth and do a one way back to Sydney.

Another benefit that our campers have over a caravan rental is just how easy they are to drive, park and manoeuvre. Large caravans can be difficult to reverse and park if you are not used to towing. With our vehicles they are just like driving a large van, a couple of hours and you will be driving like a pro.

So, if your current holiday plan is to rent a caravan in Sydney or one of the other state capitals then why not drop by one of our depot's and we can show you some of the great vehicles that we have available for hire.

Don't forget, when you rent or hire a vehicle from Autosleepers we also include, maps, tourist info, clean cutley, linen, pillows and much more. Also, every vehicle available for hire has been professionally cleaned.