Relocation Terms and Conditions


The following definitions apply for the Terms and Conditions for Autosleepers:

  • Autosleepers is a division of the Roveland Pty Ltd group.
  • The travel agent is referred to as the Agent.
  • The Client is also referred to as the Hirer(s)


A relocation of a vehicle is defined as:

  • A vehicle that needs to be relocated from one city to another.

Relocations are offered at a cheaper price than the daily rate of standard rental. Relocation vehicles may not be clean and may be offered in the condition that the last customer returned. The Bond (Excess) for the vehicle must be paid at the time of picking up the relocation vehicle; we do not offer insurance reductions for relocation so we strongly recommend you take out travel insurance for your trip. The Hirer agrees to return the vehicle by the agreed return date and time.

Rental Period

Day one of the rental is the day the vehicle is collected by the customer from Autosleepers. The last day of the rental is the day the vehicle is returned to Autosleepers regardless of the time of day.


Autosleepers reserves the right to cancel relocations at short notice and does not accept responsibility if a vehicle suddenly becomes unavailable.

Early Returns or Credits

No refund or credit is given for early returns. The Hirer is charged for the time they book the vehicle, NOT for the time it is used. If a vehicle is left in a location that differs from the stated return address, collection charges will apply. If the vehicle is left in a different city other than that stated as the return city the full cost of recovery will apply.

Late Returns

If a vehicle has not been returned by 15:00(3:00pm) the Hirer will be charged a late fee. If you are running late and still wish to return your vehicle you must ring the office (1800 226 737). The late fee is charged at a rate of $45.00/hour. An extension of your rental hire can only be arranged and authorised by head office. Please call 1800 226 737. This will depend on future bookings and availability.

Condition of Vehicle on Return

Autosleepers reserve the right to hold the bond if a vehicle is returned in a dirty condition. The bond will be returned after the vehicle has been cleaned and checked for damage. A cleaning fee may be applied to vehicles returned in a dirty condition.

Eligible Drivers

Anyone listed on the Rental Agreement at the start of the Rental may drive the vehicle, providing they are between 21 and 75 years of age. A current driving licence must be shown (i.e. national licence valid in Australia), along with any translations (if applicable). Driving by an unauthorised person will result in a termination of all insurance cover. No extra driver fees apply.


All cutlery, crockery, linen, pillows and sleeping bags are provided FREE of charge. Autosleepers reserve the right to charge for lost or broken items.

Vehicle Substitutions

Allocations of relocation vehicles are not guaranteed and Autosleepers reserves the right to substitute vehicles at any time.

Babies and Children

Use and suitability of baby and booster seats are the Hirer's responsibility. If you require one for your rental, you must request this at the time of booking. Autosleepers accepts no responsibility whatsoever.

Animals and Pets

Small ‘well behaved’ dogs are permitted to travel inside the vehicle. Any pet will incur a $150.00 Pet Cleaning Fee. Autosleepers must be made aware of animals travelling prior to booking the vehicle.


Autosleepers assumes no liability for any valuables left in the vehicle or stolen from the vehicle.


In the event of mechanical malfunction, minor mechanical repairs of up to AUD$50 may be carried out without authorisation. Any repair costing in excess of $50 must be reported to us immediately on +61 2 9556 1301. Repairs approved provided the Hirer was not responsible for the damage. All receipts for repairs must be given to Autosleepers for proof of payment. Autosleepers are limited to reimbursement of downtime only whilst the vehicle is undergoing repair. Malfunctions of items other than mechanical (i.e. air-conditioning or conversion equipment) are not considered as mechanical breakdowns and no downtime will be paid. Please note: we only fit and accept Bridgestone Tyres.

Roadside Assistance Cover

Autosleepers supplies roadside assistance cover for any mechanical problems with the vehicle. Roadside assistance call outs are provided free of charge unless the Hirer is at fault for mechanical issues (e.g. Tyre puncture, driving vehicle off road). Equipment failure must be reported to Autosleepers within 24 hours. Contact Autosleepers on freecall: 1800 CAMPER (1800 226 737). We do not accept any liability for claims after this time period.

Road Restrictions

The following areas are prohibited to travel on/in:

  • Unsealed roads (dirt, grass, or gravel)
  • Western Australia
  • The Northern Territory.

Any travel on/in prohibited areas will void all insurance cover, roadside cover and all damage costs will be paid by the Hirer.

Vehicle Maintenance

The Hirer agrees to check all vehicle fluid levels and tyre condition during their rental on a daily basis. Failure to check these will result in the Hirer being responsible for any damage to the engine or other parts of the vehicle associated with a daily check.

Reservation Deposit

A minimum deposit of $100 will be required to reserve your booking. A vehicle will not be held until a deposit has been paid. Longer term bookings will attract a 10% deposit.

Rental Payment

The full balance of the rental will be required at the start of the rental, payable by cash or credit/debit cards. Personal, company, or bank cheques will not be accepted on the day of pick-up. These must be arranged 14 days prior to the start of the rental. All payments must be made in Australian Dollars (AUD). Autosleepers does not accept liability for variances in the exchange rate.


All Government taxes applicable will be taken at the start of the rental.

Rental Bond

A refundable Security Bond is required at the start of the rental as security. This is paid as a Pre-Authorisation by credit card (only MasterCard or Visa). This does not include GST (Goods and Sales Tax). If the bond is withheld due to damage then GST must be applied at the current rate. If the vehicle is returned on time, undamaged, with fuel and gas tanks full, Pre-Authorisations are released by the Hirer’s bank as per the bank’s pre-authorisation policy. Most are returned within a week of the initial pre-authorisation, some may take longer. Refill charges will apply for Autosleepers to refill fuel or gas. The vehicle must be returned in a clean condition with toilet and waste tank (where applicable) empty or a cleaning fee will be charged. If it is suspected the vehicle has been driven off-road, or the vehicle is too dirty to check for damage, the bond will be held until a complete inspection of the vehicle has been carried out. Bonds are withheld via completion of the pre-authorisation. The Hirer is also responsible for all parking fines, speeding fines and other driving offences during the duration of their rental, including administration costs in respect to traffic infringements.

Insurance and Accidents

In the event of an accident, the security bond will be withheld as your insurance excess. Autosleepers require as much information to be written down as possible. In particular, please take photos of the scene where possible BEFORE moving the vehicle(s). Towing charges will apply after an accident in the event the vehicle is undrivable. Autosleepers reserves the right to have a vehicle returned to its nearest office location after an accident with all towing costs to be paid by the Hirer. The excess is charged for each accident. All Third Party Personal Injury Insurance is covered by compulsory third party insurance (CTP). Autosleepers reserves the right not to replace a vehicle after an accident. Ultimate Package includes camping table and chairs, satnav, and baby/booster seats (if required).

Damage to Vehicle/Loss of the Vehicle

The following costs/damages are to be paid in full by the Hirer:

  • Windscreen
  • Tyres
  • Roof damage (where the vehicle has been damaged above the top of the windscreen)
  • Under-carriage damage
  • Towing after an accident

The Hirer will NOT be covered where the Hirer has:

  • Left the vehicle unlocked or left the keys inside the vehicle;
  • Immersed the vehicle, totally or partially, in water regardless of the cause;
  • Failed to maintain all fluid levels;
  • Driven the vehicle with no fan belt;
  • Driven the vehicle in a dangerous or negligent manner;
  • Broken any of the Terms or Conditions;
  • Broken any road rules.

The Hirer will be charged the daily rate for the period the vehicle is off fleet for accident repairs (demurrage). Where the cost of repair exceeds the value of the bond, the bond will be lost in full. Where the cost of repair is less than that of the bond a refund will be issued (less the cost of repair) after the vehicle has been fully repaired. In the event the vehicle is undrivable after an accident, all recovery costs will be additional to the security bond. In the event damages may be claimed from a third party, all towing costs and security bond may be refunded.

Customer Responsibility

Joint Hirers and drivers listed on the Rental Agreement are responsible for all the Terms and Conditions listed in these explanation notes and the terms listed on the reverse of the Rental Agreement. By entering into this rental agreement the Hirer authorises Autosleepers to debit their credit card or security bond with the following:

  • All charges as per the Rental Agreement
  • All charges in respect of parking/traffic infringements and road tolls incurred during the time you have hired the vehicle. This includes an administration fee for processing statutory declarations on behalf of the Hirer.
  • All loss or damage to the vehicle up to the value of the security bond as stated in "Damage to Vehicle/Loss of the Vehicle"
  • All costs in the event of loss or damage to the vehicle and third party property where the Hirer is in breach of the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement.
  • Refuelling charges if the fuel tank and/or LPG tank should not be full upon return.

    Termination of the Agreement and Repossession of the Vehicle

    Autosleepers may refuse any rental, terminate the Rental Agreement and/or repossess the vehicle (and for that purpose enter upon any premises and remove the vehicle) at any time, without notification to the Hirer. The Hirer will pay the reasonable costs of repossessing the vehicle, including towing charges if:
  • The Hirer is in breach of any term of this Agreement;
  • The Hirer has obtained the vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation;
  • The vehicle appears to be abandoned;
  • The vehicle is not returned on the agreed return date and/or Autosleepers reasonably believes that the vehicle will not be returned on the agreed return date;
  • Autosleepers considers the safety of the passengers or the condition of the vehicle is endangered. The Hirer accepts that in the event of such termination or repossession, the Hirer has no right to a refund of any part of the rental charges or the Rental Bond.